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Spreader Bar

by Supex
Sold out

The aluminium adjustable eye to eye slide rail (spreader bar) goes between to tent poles to give support to your tarps, awnings, and annexes.
Can be used as a ridge bar on smaller tarps.
Made from hi-tensile Aluminium meaning they are 35% lighter than the steel equivalent, but still provides ample tension to keep your structure taut.
UV protected to remain strong despite constant exposure to outdoor elements.
Made with clamp adjuster so it is very easy to extend the pole.

The key to a stable and sturdy campsite setup is with quality, Australian made poles and spreader bars.

Once your structure is erected with these then it will remain rigid and free of water pooling regardless of the weather conditions.

Built to endure the rigours of the rugged outback and withstand any pressure, to keep you and your campsite secure.




Size 22-25mm

Max. 274cm (9’) mill finish