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Elecbrakes Bundle

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Traditionally electric brake controllers had to be hard-wired into your tow vehicle. This meant every time you wanted to change cars, let a friend borrow caravan or hire out your caravan, the tow vehicle had to have a brake controller fitted as well.

Designed for Australian Conditions, the Elecbrakes Bluetooth electric brake controller is waterproof, dustproof and housed inside a fully sealed vibration-resistant housing, making it a full go anywhere solution for all types of caravans, RVs and trailers.

The Elecbrake plug and play version allows a fully featured proportional electric brake controller to be installed on your trailer and ready to go within 10 minutes.

Using the plug and play version of the Elecbrake is a fuss free option saving you time and money of a full install, without compromising on functionality or capabilities.

Providing precise proportional brake control, with multiple user defined braking programs and settings for forward, reverse and minimum brake responses. Allowing the user to dial in brake response perfectly synchronise with the tow vehicle. All without hard wiring to the trailers electrical loom!!