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Fan-Tastic 12v Oscillating Fan

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Oscillating Fan, rechargeable with light/radio. Recharge from 240v or 12v leads supplied Lead acid battery that can be easily replaced in time. Charging time 15 hours, Running time on high fan speed 2.5hours, low fan speed 3.5hours. Over 20 hours for LED or Radio Dimension � 435mm x 160mm x 471mm SPECIFICATIONS 12? ACDC,RECHARGEABLE OSCILLATING FAN,RECHARGEABLE LEAD ACID BATTERY, Input Voltage : AC240V 50Hz/60Hz Power Consumption: 26W DC 6V motor Fan speed : 4m/s Charging time :15 hours Run Time : High speed � 2.5hours Low speed � 3.5hours LED light : >20hours Radio: 20hours Dimensions: 435 x 160 x 471 mm