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Sirocco 12v Cabin Fan Black

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The original Sirocco cabin fan introduced the world to a unique gimbal design allowing for 360 directional airflow. Building on the popularity of the Sirocco, the Sirocco II includes increased durability, combined 12 and 24 volt capability, improved user interface and increased timer settings. The Sirocco II is truly the next step in Caravan, Boating and general cabin comfort. The Sirroco II can be folded flat and out of the way against the wall when not in use. With multiple speeds, 4 timer settings & ultra quiet operation there is no other RV or marine fan that can match the Sirocco's performance.

The sirrocco fan is designed to be hardwired into your caravan.

360 Airflow Ultra Quite

Operation Low Power Draw Combined 12 & 24 volt capability

3 Speed Four preset timer settings (3, 6, 9 or 12 hours)

Improved user interface with LED Timer Display Bar

Increased Durability 2 Year Warranty

Colour: Black Product

Dimensions: 89(L) x 241(W) x 304(H)mm

Power Supply: 12/24V

Made in Canada Aus Version RCM / C-Tick Compliant (to Aus Standards & Regulations)