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Evakool 160W Solar Panel

by Evakool
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Have you ever needed power in the middle of nowhere? Yes? Well EvaKool can now provide you with a cost effective, pollution free way to provide clean energy to your battery system. The new Solar Panel system provides power to be able to run your fridge and still have enough to trickle charge your battery. With no continuing humming sound and engine fumes like generators you can go anywhere. (Note : Generators are not allowed in some national parks. ) Features The Panel The Solar Panel uses mono-crystalline cells. Of the three types of technology on the market this type is known to be the most efficient.

It is comprised of 2x 80W hinged panels. 10 Amp MPPT Solar Regulator / Charge Controller The Charge Controller is designed to provide fully regulated output for controlled charging from solar panels to Lead Acid, Sealed Lead Acid, AGM and Gel Batteries. Cabling/Wiring Heavy duty wire harness with battery clips and 50amp Anderson plug Carry Bag - The carry bag that comes with the SP160W Kit fits snugly over the panels to protect them from scratches and dust.