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TOW BAll Weight Scales

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Weigh Safe Tow Ball Weight Scale: Measures up to 400kg This compact, durable unit will allow you to quickly and easily confirm the weight dsitribution on the trailer is appropriate for your vehicle to tow. Your camper's towball rests gently on the top of this scale, and the scale gives you a fast, accurate reading. Innovative aluminium construction Heavy duty base plate for extra stability 3 Year Warranty Scale calibration 100kg to 400kg Easy to read gauge Why do you need to measure your ball weight? The manufacturer of your vehicle will determine your towing capacity. They will specify the vehicles total towing and ball weight loads. The ball weight is the weight that is applied directly to the towball and the total towing capacity is the aggregate mass of the trailer that the vehicle can tow. It is imperitive to know your towing weight for safety measures and also for a legal perspective.